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Restaurant cleaning

Nasty thick greasy spill on asphalt. The grease bin over flowed on to the parking lot on multiple occasions. In a frantic the restaurant owner called Grease Eater Power Washing to rectify the situation. The grease build up was so thick we had to heat it up with a torch and scrape the burnt ash into a pile to be disposed of. After the heavy build-up was removed then we were able to start the grease and oil extraction. Since this spill was on asphalt we could not use hot water or any degreasers. We used a mixture of dry absorbents (no not kitty litter ) professional grade absorbents and pads in several applications. The final application was with a white absorbent powder to draw out any remaining grease liquids with out compromising the integrity of the asphalt. When the white powder doesn’t have any wet spots visible it showed the inspector the spill has been cleaned up in a satisfactory manner.


Products Used: Dry Absorbents, Broom, Shovel, Trash Bags, Propane Torch, Spot Lights and Lots of Elbow Grease

David was incredibly helpful and responsive in assisting with the commercial services we needed. Really appreciated their services and friendliness, would highly recommend for any residence or business-washing needs. Thank you again David!

- Eric S |


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