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If you ever find yourself in need of hiring a residential pressure washing company in Baltimore, then Grease-Eaters Power Washing has you covered! No matter how big or small your property is or where it may be located, Grease-Eaters Power Washing is the best residential pressure washing company that can help to drastically upgrade the outer appearance of your home. Don't settle for a lesser residential pressure washing company!

At Grease-Eaters Power Washing, we offer a number of residential pressure washing services. If you hire our residential pressure washing company, you can look forward to receiving the best Baltimore pressure washing services around, and that's a guarantee. At Grease-Eaters Power Washing, we won't leave until it's clean!

Don't hesitate! Call Grease-Eaters Power Washing, your Baltimore residential pressure washing company, today!

Driveway cleaning

Driveway Washing

If you've gotten a good look at your driveway lately, then you may notice it's covered in all kinds of nasty grime such as tire marks and oil stains. You can't get rid of this gunk with just a regular garden hose, so it'd be wise for you to look into our extensive driveway washing package to find out how we can help.

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House washing

House Washing

The house washing services by Grease-Eaters Power Washing are guaranteed to maximize your curb appeal. We've got the high-psi, heavy-duty, commercial-grade equipment for brick, block, and concrete houses and the low-pressure and no-pressure, chemically assisted, soft washing processes for wood, stucco, and vinyl siding.

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Roof cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Our roof cleaning option is one of our best services! We provide premier soft washing for all your roof cleaning needs, which gets into all the smallest nooks and crannies on the surface of your roof to leave behind a clean and sanitized surface.

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Gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning & Brightening

Keeping your gutters functioning properly is a must to protect your landscaping and home from the damaging effects of water pooling and breached systems. Our gutter cleaning & brightening services will keep your gutters clean inside and out.

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Sidewalk cleaning

Sidewalk Cleaning

Any area that gets pedestrian traffic needs routine cleaning for the appearances and to avoid slip-and-fall incidents. For sidewalk cleaning and everything else you need from a pressure washing company in Baltimore, contact Grease-Eaters Power Washing today.

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Patio cleaning

Patio Washing

It's important to keep your patio clean so that it isn't overcome by hazards such as mold and mildew. Our patio cleaning services will keep your patio dry, clean, and beautiful.

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Oil stain removal

Oil Stain Removal

Does your concrete have unsightly oil stains? Don't worry: our pressure washing services will get rid of those for you and leave you with perfect, stain-free surfaces.

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Fence cleaning

Fence & Deck Washing

The wood of your deck and fencing requires regular maintenance if you want it to last long and look good. Our soft washing and pressure washing services can eliminate stains and grime on these surfaces to make them shine again.

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