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Storage unit cleaning

Jay the manager from extra space storage in Rosedale MD. contacted Grease Eaters Power Washing about cleaning two greasy dirty storage units that the previous tenants used as a garage for storing and building car motors.After assessing the problem we were confident in our soap solution and hot water surface cleaner that grease-eaters would be able to achieve the results the management was looking for.The grease and grime melted away from the metal walls, concrete floor, and the block exterior wall just as we expected it would.Win, Win everyones happy.


Products Used: Sodium Hydroxide, Dirt Killer Degreaser, H2O, Pressure Pro 3000 Hot Water Power Washer, Flexzilla Garden Hose, Cox Reels, Wisper Wash Surface Cleaner

Dave from Grease Eaters was a fantastic help to us here at Extra Space Storage on Rossville Blvd. I contacted him to help clean out two units that were covered in car oil from a tenant that had been renting here for years storing car parts. He came out, gave us an estimate, which the price was outstanding and he came within that same week to get the units cleaned. It looked 100% better and his professionalism is outstanding! I look forward to working with him again in the future! I will definitely be telling all my other sister sites about Dave and his awesome company, Grease Eaters!

- Jay T |


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