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Pool deck cleaning

Grease Eaters was called out to Towson to clean a pool deck, the home owner was having the pool resurfaced, the resurfacing company had specific dates that the power washing could be completed ,Grease Eaters, a professional cleaning company, successfully met the dates and needs of a homeowner in Towson, MD, by providing exceptional pool deck cleaning services. Their meticulous attention to detail and high-quality workmanship impressed the homeowner, leading to an expanded project. Recognizing their expertise, the homeowner entrusted Grease Eaters to tackle the brick and patio as well as the stone pavers in the entire backyard. The outstanding results and the homeowner's satisfaction prompted them to invite Grease Eaters back to complete a similar project in the front yard. Grease Eaters' consistent ability to deliver exceptional service and meet customer expectations established a strong reputation, solidifying their position as a trusted choice for all of the homeowner's cleaning and restoration needs.


Products Used: Pressure Pro 3000 hot water power washer, General pump Tss1511, Ever Flo pump 12v, Echo Pump sprayer, Strongway sprayer, Ryobi, Quickclick, Black-Decker, Sure tape, Flexzilla, Cox Reels, Sodium Hypochlorite

Dave clearly cares a tremendous amount about the quality of his work. I had no idea what an incredible difference it would make at my house to have this type of work done. I highly recommend Grease Eaters for outdoor washing. They made my back yard immaculate! So much so that I asked them to come back one week later to do the front. Many thanks!

- Stacy Harvey |


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